Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Night Crème review 

Hello everyone,  

         I am back with another review. This review is again for the brand Lotus herbals. This time it is a review of Lotus herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Night Crème. This was my first night cream. Earlier, I used to apply a thin layer of cold cream on my face in winters. But then I came across an article which talked about the importance of night creams and I was so impressed that I went for night cream hunting the next day. There is a wide variety of night creams available in the market. But I love the brand Lotus from my experience with White Glow hand and body lotion. So, I decided to buy the night cream again from the same brand. Let’s see how it fared for me…..

I obtained the above picture from the Web coz I threw away the carton long ago. 
Below is the picture of my own jar though. 

Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Night Crème

Product description : 

NUTRANITE is a luxurious nutrient-rich night crème that helps renew the skin while you sleep. It works with skin’s own repair and replenishment system to undo the damage caused by dehydration and environmental exposure during the day. It boosts skin’s resiliency, strengthens natural defences while restoring firmness and smoothening imperfections. 

Active ingredients : 

Naturally derived alpha hydroxy fruit acids (AHAs) derived from grapes, nourishing ginseng and lily nectar. It also contains wheatgerm oil, marigold extract, chamomile extract and almond oil. 

How to use: 

After washing your face apply a small amount of Crème all over the face and neck. Massage lightly in circular motion. Can be included in night time CTM routine. 

Shelf life :

 3 years. 

Price : 

INR 375 for 50 g.

Packaging : 

The crème was packed in a silver and blue colored carton. When I opened it is found a translucent glass jar which contained the crème. Jar was thick and bulky. Though it’s a glass jar, I think there is lesser possibility of breakage due to thickness. But the jar is quite heavy. 

The lid is a screw cap which closes tightly. Also, there is an additional covering lid underneath the cap. So, there is no risk of spillage, if you are travelling. 

My take on the product : 

The crème is white in colour.  Consistency is neither too thick nor runny. Texture………how should I describe it…….it’s fluffy and light as a cloud.

The crème spreads very well on skin.  Thus very little amount is required for each use. It smells berry like and slightly citrusy. 

Moisturises very well. Does not leave a white cast on skin. Instead gives a bit of glossy finish. Gets absorbed very fast. My facial skin is combination type which tends to be drier in winters. This Crème moisturises my skin well and gives a bit of tautening effect. However, it causes me breakouts if applied too much. 

Pros : 

  1. Light and fluffy texture  (as I said earlier. ….like a cloud).
  2. Does not feel heavy on skin. 
  3. Pleasing berry fragrance. 
  4. Moisturises nicely. Suitable for dry skinned people.
  5. Contains natural extracts. 
  6. Fast absorption. 

Cons : 

  1. Bulky packaging. Jar is quite heavy. 
  2. Glass container. Though it looks quite tough, but it is not unbreakable. 
  3. Contains Light liquid paraffin and parabens. 
  4. Not suitable for oily skinned people. 

Overall rating : 


Will I repurchase : 

No. I am eyeing Lotus herbals White Glow night cream ;p

Thanks for reading 🙂 

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