POND’S White beauty BB+ cream review 

BB cream or Beauty Benefit creams have become an essential part of daily beauty regime these days. They serve the same function but are cheaper than foundations. The plus point of BB cream is that it also contains skincare ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins etc. They are like tinted moisturisers. Lately, I had adult acne which left some scars and pigmentation on my face. I started to feel the need for covering those scars. Then, I decided to buy BB cream. As, I was experimenting with these, I didn’t want to spend a fortune initially. Thus, I bought this POND’S White beauty BB+ cream. 

POND’S White Beauty BB+ cream

Product description : 

POND’S White beauty BB+ cream comes with Gen White cover formula. It helps reveal your perfect natural look. The first all- in-one BB+ fairness cream SPF 30 PA++ from POND’S the works from outside and inside. This cream is specially designed for Indian skin & helps give you 

  • Instant natural glow on outside. 
  • Lightens your skin and spots from inside. 
  • Evens skin tone. 
  • With SPF 30 for sun protection. 
  • No clogging of pores.
  • Light, non-oily texture. 

Price : 

INR 140 (for 18 g).

Shelf life : 

24 months. 

How to use : 

After moisturising, apply in small dots all over the face and neck. Spread evenly with finger tips. 

My take on the product : 

The BB cream comes in a white squeeze tube which has a silver screw cap. The tube comes in a pink and silver colored cardboard packaging. Tube has a beak like nozzle which lets out only the right amount of product.

Consistency of the cream is like a tinted moisturiser. It is smooth and spreads easily. Though the texture is not dry, but don’t expect it to act like a moisturiser. If your skin is dry and flaky, this will accentuate the flakiness and will look patchy. Thus, moisturiser is required before applying the BB cream. 

This BB cream comes in only one shade, which is a major negative point. My complexion is fair and the shade does not perfectly match with my skin tone. It is slightly dark and looks chalky on me. So, I mix a very little amount of this BB cream in my moisturiser and apply it. In this way I don’t end up applying too much product and keep it as much natural as possible. 

Coverage is not very good. It will work for you only if you have nearly flawless skin. But that’s what you get in this price. 

Pros : 

  1. Nice packaging. Looks quite classy.
  2. Pocket friendly. 
  3. Contains SPF 30.
  4. Gen White formula. But I don’t see any changes in my skin tone.
  5. I don’t see parabens in the ingredient list.

Cons : 

  1. Comes in only one shade. That shade too is not shown on the packaging. So, you get to see the shade only when you open the packaging. 
  2. Not suitable for dry skin. But that problem can be solved by moisturising before applying it. 
  3. Tends to settle in fine lines.

Overall verdict : 


Recommended only for the beginners.

Will I repurchase : 

No. It does not match my skin tone. 

Thanks for reading  🙂

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