Santoor Light Moisturizing Body Lotion

Hi there, 

               Today I am gonna review Santoor Light Moisturizing Body Lotion which I purchased along with Yardley Morning Dew Body Lotion (review here) . Though I had three body lotions to finish, still I cannot contain the urge to buy and try new products. So, this body lotion was bought totally out of greed πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Ώ.


                                Price :  INR 215 (for 300 ml).

                                   Shelf life : 24 months.

My take on the product :  

Lotion comes in a white and green plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The look, color and graphics of the bottle look cooling to the eyes 😎. But pump stops working properly after half the lotion is used.

Lotion is white in colour and has gel like consistency. On application it feels watery  but does not give any oily feeling. Fragrance is powdery-floral-soap like. There is nothing much to say about fragrance.

I tried to use this lotion in spring. It did not moisturise at all. Skin starts feeling dry again after 30 minutes of application. Ingredient list is full of chemicals. Sandalwood extract and aloe extract are at the bottom of ingredients. It shows how little amount of these ingredients has been used in the lotion.

It doesn’t get absorbed into the skin at all. Just sits on the skin and forms a film. If I wash hand with water even after hours of application, it is still there and gives a slimy feeling.

Pros : 

  1. Cool packaging.
  2. Pocket friendly.
  3. Non sweaty.
  4. Non oily.

Cons : 

  1. Not moisturizing at all. Not suitable for winters and for dry skinned people.
  2. Does not get absorbed.
  3. Pump stops working after half the bottle is finished.
  4. Full of chemicals. Very little amount of natural extracts is used.

Overall verdict : 

3/10. This is the worst lotion I have used till date. Does not even fulfill the purpose of a lotion. Buy it only if you want to apply some fragrant chemicals on your skin.

A quick tip : 

 I am using this lotion as a shaving gel to shave my legs. And it is working amazinglyyyyy….. It is the cheapest shaving gel ever πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

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