The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Gel Lotion Review

Hi everyone, 

                        I love body lotions. I love to moisturise my skin and the feeling of fragrant soft skin. Thankfully, my skin is not very dry in summers. So, I use the lightest body lotions available. A big chunk of lotions available in the market contains heavy ingredients designed for drier skin. And my search for light moisturisers is always on. 

Recently, I have become a big fan of The Body Shop products. I started with the Strawberry range and am in the process of trying as many products of this range as I could get my hands on. During my last shopping spree at The Body Shop (haul post here) I bought the Strawberry Puree body lotion which they had renamed as Strawberry Softening Gel Lotion. Since then, it was sitting in my drawer awaiting its turn to be opened. I started using it a few days ago. Let’s see how it performed.

The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Gel Lotion

My take on the product : 

The lotion comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The pump has twist open and close mechanism. So, the bottle is leakage proof and travel friendly. One press of the pump lets out just the right amount of lotion.

250 ml bottle is priced INR 750. But I got it on discount for INR 575.

The lotion has gel like consistency and orange pink colour. Spreads well and exudes a very pleasant sweet fruity fragrance. Fragrance does not resemble actual strawberries but kind of like strawberry candy. I love the fragrance. It stays for good 5-6 hours. Then starts fading. But I have noticed that if I use it regularly, my skin keeps smelling like this lotion even after washing my hands. 

The moisturisation it provides is very little. It’s like using water to moisturise your skin. So buy it only if your skin is not too dry. It is a big no-no in winters. IMO the price you pay is not worth it. 

Final verdict : 

I rate this lotion 6/10.

Fragrance is nice. But why would anyone buy a lotion just for fragrance when it does nothing to moisturise the skin. Aren’t perfumes designed to fulfill that purpose? 

I am not going to repurchase this. 

Thanks for reading. ☺😘😍 

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