Dove cream beauty bathing bar : review

Hello there,

                        Today I am reviewing Dove cream beauty bathing bar aka Dove soap (white). Since my childhood I love to try new soaps (as we hadn’t had shower gels back then 😉). My mother was my partner in crime….she too loved experimenting with new soaps and we used to try every new soap that was launched in the market. It was in the mid 90s when I first used Dove and fell in love with it. 

For a last few years I used to get back acne in summers. I noticed that it gets worse when i use bar soaps instead of shower gels. Then I read somewhere that most bar soaps clog pores which leads to back acne but Dove doesn’t. Since I was already using Dove bodywash and was quite happy with it, I decided to try Dove soap too. I am using it for the last few months and there are no bumps on my back. Even some bumps which were already there have gone now. I have a good experience with this soap and this compelled me to write this post. So let’s get started….

Dove cream beauty bathing bar

Product description : Dove is not a soap. It’s a beauty bar. With 1/4 moisturising cream, it cares for your skin leaving it soft and smooth. Dove beauty bar does not dry skin like regular soaps can. Moisturising cream and gentle cleansers help retain skin’s moisture. Leaves skin softer, smoother and more glowing.

Ingredients : 

Price :  INR 182 ( for 3 × 100g)

Shelf life :  30 months.

Packaging : 

I bought the super saver pack of Dove in which three Dove soaps were packed together in a polyethylene wrapping. Each individual soap comes packed in a white cardboard box with blue graphics on it.

Packaging looks elegant, classy, soft to touch and easy on the eyes. 

My take on the product : 

Soap has oval shape which is slightly curved. The shape makes it easy to hold. The iconic logo of Dove is engraved on both sides of soap. The white coloured soap has soft texture and mild lotion like fragrance. Fragrance is light and won’t bother sensitive noses. 

It lathers well but not too much like other soaps. After rinsing it feels like some residue is left on the skin. But that is the unique thing about Dove soaps. It feels like that because it is moisturising soap. It does not leave the skin squeaky and dry but cleanses well. After some time you become used to of that slippery feel and you know it when all the soap is rinsed away.
After using Dove my skin does not feel stretchy and gradually it reduced the need to apply lotion. But still, I use a light lotion after showering. Skin feels smooth and less dry; which makes skin glow in the long run.

I love this soap and I will keep using it as long as they are manufacturing it.
Pros : 

  1. Prevents drying of skin.
  2. Gives a smooth glow.
  3. Classy packaging.
  4. Mild fragrance.
  5. Affordable.
  6. Easily available.

Cons : 

  1. Slippery feel even after rinsing away. Though it’s not a con as the feeling goes away with continued usage.
  2. Will not remove heavy makeup.

Final verdict : 


I have been using this soap for a long time and will continue to do so. Though I will try other variants too. I highly recommend this soap to everyone. 
Thanks for reading 😍😙❤

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