Shop Pray Love : April 2018

Hey everyone,

                          This month I am starting this new series of posts in which I am going to showcase the products which I bought this month. 

Here, I would like to mention a disclaimer that these are not sponsored posts and are not intended to encourage any shopping spree or spending culture in readers.

 I myself love to save as much money as I can. But I think it’s not bad to spend a little money on things you love. And also, being a beauty blogger, I love to show people the products I purchased and are going to use. 

I just want to share my happiness and excitement with you all. Hope you will enjoy it. 

So, let’s dig in……

The products in the above picture are 

  1. L’OREAL PARIS Brow Artist Genius Kit (Shade 01, medium to dark)
  2. Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon (Shocking pink) (review here)
  3. Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon (Cinnamon Brown) (review here)

I was drooling over these products for a long time. But the moment I saw a discounted price offer on these products on, I grabbed them. 

I will tell you about my experience with these products in the upcoming review posts.

Apart from the above mentioned products this month I received my Glamego beauty subscription box about which you can read in my post Glamego box April 2018.

The products in the box are :

  1. Island Kiss Lip Moisturiser (Puerto Berry Blush).
  2. Tjori Anti-Tan Pack.
  3. NELF USA Aqualite Fairness Compact.
  4. Vedic Line Gold Facial Kit.
  5. Natural Bath and Body Vital Nourishment Cream.

To know more about these products click here

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Thanks for reading. Take care šŸ˜šŸ˜˜

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  1. […] No beauty product other than a Lipstick has the potential of turning an otherwise plain looking face into a glam one. In fact it is my love for lip colours which got me started into the beauty game. These days lipstick has taken other forms too and one of those is lip crayon. You don’t need a separate lip liner while using a lip crayon. It’s easy to use and carry along. These qualities of lip crayons drew me towards them and I ordered my first lip crayons from These are Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons in shades Cinnamon Brown and Shocking Pink. I have also mentioned about these in my post Shop Pray Love : April 2018 […]


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