The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel | Body Mist | Review

This morning I woke up with my skin feeling extra dry. I thought it will subside in a few minutes and started with my usual morning routine, that is drinking a glass or two of water. After 30 minutes that dry feeling was still there. I was going for a shower and there was no question of using a soap. So I proceeded to select a shower gel from my arsenal. Today I selected The Body Shop Strawberry Shower gel for a sweetly refreshing bath. 

I bought this shower gel a long time ago, I think maybe at the start of last year or in 2016. See the haul post. I remember, I used it a few times and then stopped using it because winter had arrived. Here I tell you a thing about me which may sound weird to you but I don’t use shower gels in winter πŸ‘». I am a soap user and I started using shower gels in 2007 only. Now I use them only in summer when I am in the mood to take long cool shower. 

Price :  β‚Ή 325 (for 250 ml)

Shelf life :  3 years.

Pros : 

  1. Ahhhmmazing strawberry fragrance. Similar to the Strawberry body butter.
  2. Plastic bottle and a flip top cap which shuts tightly make it travel friendly. Though it is also available in travel size.
  3. Contains cold pressed strawberry seed oil which has moisturising and anti-ageing benefits.
  4. Fragrance lingers for a while even after the shower.
  5. TBS is a cruelty free brand which uses community fair trade ingredients. It feels good ethically.
  6. It doesn’t lather insanely because it’s soap free. But lathers enough to make you feel clean.
  7. Does not dry out the skin.
  8. Looks good in the bathroom shelf πŸ˜†.

    Cons : 

    1. Can’t think of any 😊.

    Rating :  9/10. I reduced one point for overly sweet fragrance which may not be liked by some people.
    Recommendation : πŸ‘. I highly recommend it.

    After bathing :

          If you want that strawberry fragrance to last longer, you must layer it with other products from the same range. In summer, what’s better than The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist. It is not potent like a perfume but gives a nice, sweet and light fragrance which keeps you smelling fresh all day. 

    Just spray it all over your body after bathing and enjoy the sweet freshness all day. It feels like a cool breeze in summer mornings 😊.

    Price :  β‚Ή 695 (for 100 ml)

    Shelf life :  30 months.

    Pros : 

    1. Sweet and refreshing fragrance which uplifts the mood.
    2. Spray comes out as a fine mist.
    3. Made from community fair trade essence of sugarcane i.e. Alcohol.
    4. Fragrance lasts all day. It stays on clothes longer.
    5. Bottle looks classy.

      Cons : 

      1. Glass bottle. Though it does not feel fragile. But you never know. It’s a glass bottle after all. Not travel friendly.
      2. Silver cap of bottle is too flimsy. 

      Rating : 9/10. 

      Recommendation : It’s a YES.
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      Thanks for reading. Take care β€πŸ˜™πŸ“

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