One summer afternoon

May and June are the hottest months in India and the temperature has reached 48°C in Central India, where I live. I basically hail from the Northern part of India where the temperatures are cooler and I have low tolerance for very hot temperature. Understandably the heat of Central India sometimes feels unbearable. Last time when I went out in that afternoon heat, I came back with sunburned skin and peeling lips. Even the sunscreen could not save me from that. Since then I make it a point to not leave home in the afternoon.

In the picture, it looks nice and sunny. But let me remind you that visuals can be deceptive…..(that phrase reminds me of the movie ‘Drishyam’😞). It’s not as pleasant as it looks. The people who live in India or those who have been to India can understand this.

The view of street from my house. Its deserted…

This afternoon in May, I and my 6-year-old son are hiding in our home and enjoying the blissful cool and fragrant breeze of our air cooler (I added some fragrance to the water of air cooler). There was relaxed and serene atmosphere in my home which very soon made us feel hungry and what could be more tempting than a bowl of cold ‘kheer’. For the unacquainted, Kheer is a creamy dessert made with rice, milk and nuts. It’s a kind of Indian rice pudding.

A big bowl of ‘kheer’ in my refrigerator

The kheer felt very refreshing and energetic at the same time. I think these are the perks of being a stay-at-home mum, which I have to give up very soon, as I am going to be working again once my LL.B. gets completed.

 And here is a picture of Oggy (my son’s favourite cartoon character) made by him this afternoon.

Oggy and the three cockroaches…….remember?

So the afternoon was though uneventful, yet enjoyable. I relaxed and played with my son; who was happily doing his favourite things. We enjoyed some delicious dessert🍨. What more can I ask for on this summer afternoon when I know that for many people…..including my husband (who is in his office, working) it’s a far away dream….😆😉

Thanks for reading. ❤❤


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