Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick | Fuschia Flare | Review

A woman can never have enough pink lipsticks. I have been searching for my perfect pink lip colour for at least 10 years. But every pink, once I buy it, seems either too blue or too peachy or too mauvey and my hunt goes on and on….. Meanwhile in search of that perfect pink, I have collected many beautiful shades which are gorgeous. One of those gems is Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick in the shade Fuschia Flare, 110. 

Price : 325 ₹ ( for 4 gm of product)

Packaging :

The lipstick is contained in a black plastic tube. The tube is made of good quality material and will not break if you accidentally drop it. There is a colour coded sticker on the bottom of tube which also has the name of shade written on it. So selecting the right colour won’t be difficult if you are in a hurry. Packaging is travel friendly; the cap closes with a click and will not come off in your purse. 

Texture and finish : 

The lipstick has very creamy texture. It is so soft that sometimes I feel that the bullet will break while I am applying it. But thankfully no such thing has happened. Glides on lips like butter and highly moisturising. No need of a lip balm even for the driest lips.

It has satin finish which looks a bit glossy / shimmery immediately after application. But that thing subsides within half an hour. Besides if you don’t like the shimmery effect, the blotting and reapplication technique can take care of that problem too.

Shade, pigmentation and staying power : 

It’s a bright fuschia pink with blue undertones. Looks gorgeous on fair to medium skin tones. But I am not sure about how it will look on dark skinned beauties

These lipsticks are highly pigmented. Just one swipe and you are done. The best thing is you can use it as a tint and it can build up to full blown colour in 2 swipes.

Staying power is pretty decent. Don’t expect it to last full day… will need reapplication. But it easily stays for 5 to 6 hours. Though this lip colour is very transferable yet it leaves a nice stain behind. Some people may not like it but I kinda love that stain. 

Above is a picture of me wearing Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick, Fuschia Flare.

Final rating : 9/10. I highly recommend the lipsticks from this line. There are many beautiful shades of pink, red, brown, orange and purple with a decent price tag.

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Thanks for reading. Take care. 💋🍓



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