Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash Soap Review

All of us have been using soaps since forever. I started using shower gels some 11 years ago. But I always feel that soaps are more convenient to use. When I am in a hurry i always reach for a soap. Shower gels are for the more leisurely days. Today’s review is about a soap which the company claims, is made of fruits i.e. Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash Soap.

The soap comes packed in a cardboard box which has all the details written on it. When you open the box, the soap is wrapped in a plastic wrap. On opening this wrapper, again you see a thin cellophane sheet covering the soap. 

This triple packaging saves the soap from moisture.

The soap has very pleasant sweet fruity fragrance which feels very refreshing in this humid monsoon. But it does not linger on skin after bathing. 

The soap cleanses well but produces a bit less lather than regular soaps. The soap bar feels very soft but does not become gooey due to moisture in bathroom. 

The only con I found is that it is not a moisturising soap as per the claims and dries the skin slightly. But that’s nothing a light body lotion can’t take care of.

The soap retails for ₹ 44 /- (for 75 gm product) which is fairly economical. 

Overall it is a nice fruity refreshing soap which is also pocket friendly. I recommend it to those who have normal skin and like fruity fragrances. 

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Thanks for reading. 😍😘


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